Whether your project is large or small, good copy gets the word out. Clarity and simplicity ensure a direct and positive message. Communicate fully through words and images in video scripts, web copy, brochures and other marketing materials.  


Keep things clear and concise within a creative framework. Work with existing text and add fresh ideas to develop a final product that makes a point. Sometimes it needs a little tweaking. For a piece that’s almost there but doesn’t quite feel right, a good revision adjusts the text to make it work.


Refine text for clarity and consistency as well as grammar and punctuation.


For big projects that get stuck and need a boost, a consultation can jumpstart the process.


One letter makes a big difference. If the wrong letter creates another word – got and hot, for example – a computerized spell-checker won’t catch it. Proofing your own work can be tricky. Often you will read a document as you meant it, not as you wrote it. If something is important, it is worth having it double-checked.